Content Acquisition Tips for Your Website

It has been said that content is king. And that’s a true statement. After all, if you want your website to stand out in a busy sphere, then you need to season it with content.

But not just any content will do. You need well written and unique articles, some videos, and the occasional infographic to attract people to your website. Likely, you have some ideas in mind. Also, just as likely you need some help. After all, your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts hinge upon how well you succeed in that area. To that end, we’ll look at various content acquisition tips for your website and grade each one.


Article Directories

You have seen them nearly everywhere — article directories filled an assortment of titles covering a wide variety of topics. Such directories were quite popular at the beginning of this century as a means for authors to share their work in hopes that their articles would get read, copied and links shared.

Article directories are not a good place to obtain content. Given that the content is not unique, you risk having content posted on your site appearing on other sites. Google and the other search engines simply won’t honor those duplicates. In fact, because such directories have long stood for link farms, articles that appear there are considered spam.

Our grade for article directories: F


What a good way to get content is to publish videos to your site. But that’s not a good idea unless the videos belong to you. On the other hand, if you find a video to include with your other content, then that’s fine.

If you produce videos, sharing them on YouTube is a good way for others to learn about your business. Unfortunately, you cannot forbid sharing if you want to restrict your videos from appearing elsewhere. You can restrict video sharing to your own tribe, but then your members might share them elsewhere.

Our grade for YouTube: C-


Infographics took the Internet by storm about five years ago, but popularity has waned recently. Although info graphics are highly interesting, engaging, and usually unique, they’re often shared nearly everywhere.

That sharing between websites has an affect similar to sharing articles. In other words, your SEO won’t benefit. And it could suffer. On the other hand, if the infographic is used as part of an article, then it can be useful. Our grade is based on employing the latter strategy.

Our grade of an infographic: D+

Internal Content

Writing and publishing your own content is the way to go. You have the skills, the knowledge base, and you already know what works best for your website. Quite easily, the person who writes your content is the one who does so internally.

At the same time, you may not have the time to write. At least not on a regular basis. Indeed, you may feel rushed, quite possibly neglecting to put out your best stuff. If that’s the case your SEO can suffer. Still, what you produce can provide everything your website needs, so go find the time.

Our grade for Internal Content: A-

Freelance Writer

Maybe you don’t have the time to write. Or, your talents are best used elsewhere. In that case, outsourcing the work can be helpful to you as well as to SEO.

Hiring a freelancer with expertise in your field is the best way to go. This person can monitor your website, keep tabs on the market, and deliver keyword-focused articles that not just pass muster, but enhance your site. The cost of using a freelance writer won’t come cheap, but that’s part of your SEO initiative. A writer with the top talents is certainly worth his or her weight.

Our grade for External Content: A+

SEO and Your Content

No matter the approach you take, do so with SEO in mind. Further, you need to develop a plan that builds on social media. Together, your best content and the social media distribution of same, can rocket your site to the top. Lastly, while you’re at it, check out the local seo company reviews to find the assistance you may need.

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