Prevent crimes, monitor your workplace activities or guard your residence: Install CCTV Cameras

Close circuit television cameras are the video cameras which are popularly called CCTV cameras. The functioning of CCTV is based on simple logic that camera records the video and audio and transmits the signal to the receiver’s end. CCTV cameras are the need for today as they make video surveillance of any place possible by way of video recording, live monitoring from remote location and signalling threats.This is called closed system because video data is transmitted to pre-set receivers rather than common public. There are different types of CCTV cameras. The basic CCTV cameras require wire installations where the data is transmitted through wires. The other is wireless CCTV cameras which are of two types viz. wireless analogue cameras and digital cameras. Analogue cameras are low end CCTV cameras where only camera can send signals to one or multiple receivers at multiple locations. It is very low in cost. The digital cameras are high end cameras where both receivers and cameras can receive and send signals on high bandwidth which makes two way communications possible. It can cover wide range of area to be surveyed.


The number of crimes is increasing day by day. At the crime scene CCTV camera is very useful as it helps to easily identify culprit. When monitored in time, CCTV also warns of threat and helps to prevent any unfortunate happening. One should be conscious enough for own security. Our loved one’s security is in our hand too. CCTV cameras are one such product that makes it possible for us to ensure our and our loved one’s security even from remote location.

This is why most of residential societies are installing Samsung CCTV camera or CCTV camera of other established brands all over the compound to make society members feel secured. In fact CCTV surveillance is useful in walks of life whether it is work, public security, transport, household, offices, factories, shops, ATM (and Banks). Look around anywhere and you will easily find CCTV camera everywhere. CCTV cameras are so handy that they can be placed or installedeasily from smallest to smallest place. Modern day CCTV cameras are wireless cameras which transmit the data through radio bands. Being wireless they can be hidden at any desired location without being noticed by unwanted visitors. Most of the CCTV cameras are battery powered. Wireless CCTV is low in cost and high in easy security. One can install numerous cameras at one place wherever the surveillance is needed and can have live view of all cameras together on one screen. Surveillance tapes can be recorded at the same time and can be kept for further records. Now a days, through high end CCTV cameras, live video screening is possible over internet. That means you can observe your workers, employees, your workplace, farm or any other premise from anywhere in the world. It makes your world so small. For good results you must ensure to install Axis cctv, Dubai or cctv of any other renowned brand only in your property at Dubai or any other part of the world.

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